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Residential & Commercial Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is the fastest, easiest and lowest cost way to seed a lawn. Seed, hydroseeding mulch, tackifier and fertilizer are applied in one fast, easy step. Straw is not required. The contact of the seed with water gives faster germination. The hydro mulch will not stain if it accidentally gets on walks, driveways or houses.

Residential and commercial customers love hydroseeding. It looks beautiful when it is sprayed and their new lawn comes in fast. They have none of the problems associated with straw and they can quickly have a sod quality lawn that will make their neighbors green with envy.

Hydroseeding is very cost effective. Residential and commercial hydroseeding is generally charged by the square foot. Prices for this kind of seeding are generally in the range of 6 cents per square foot to 18 cents per square foot.

Grading and Seeding
We offer grading and seeding for new builds and re-grading of existing yards. Grading is crucial for proper drainage. Power raking will create a desirable seed bed while removing all debris such as rocks, sticks and miscellaneous building materials. Time spent here is essential for proper germination of seeding.


Hydroseeding & Broadcast Seeding Services

Corporate business park hydroseeding

Seed -
Any seed used in lawn or roadside applications can be used in a Hydroseeding System. Site conditions would dictate the proper mix for your application.

Fertilizer - Any type of fertilizer can be used. Liquid, water soluble or granular fertilizers may all be used. Granular fertilizer is the most commonly used. The unit does not dissolve the granules. It will suspend them and blend the granules evenly in the mix. If the soil ph needs to be changed a liquid lime product such as New Cal or neutralime is the best choice.

Tackifiers - These are used to help hold the material in place on hillsides especially during rainy weather.

Mulch - There are two basic types of mulch. Wood fiber mulch is made from wood by-products. Cellulose fiber mulch is made from recycled news print.

Other Products - Many other products can be used in the mix. Some of the more common additives are Co-Polymers that are used when water may be a problem. Co-polymers hold 400 times their weight in water and slowly release it to the new seedlings. Locking Fibers may also be used, they are made from crimped polyester. They will disperse through the load and form a type of spray-on erosion control blanket.


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