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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an annual and perennial plant?

  • Annuals live for one year only while a perennial will regrow every year.

What zone are we considered?

  • Zone 6.

Can I purchase my own plant material to be installed by your company?

  • Absolutely, however we can not warranty plants.

How long is the warranty for plants installed by you?

  • We warranty plants for a period of 1 year from purchase. Plants will be replaced up to 1 time at no charge: replacement plants however will not be warranted. We are not responsible for plant damage from: acts of God, extreme weather conditions, theft, vandalism or owner neglect.

A common misconception with hydro seeding is that you do not need to water, is this true?

  • False. Hydro seeding has many benefits but you will still need to water for proper germination. As a rule of thumb 3-5 times per day from 10-15 minutes per session or until water is just starting to pond on the yard.

I want a bubbling boulder but is that just more maintenance for me?

  • Bubbling boulders are very easy to maintain, just add a little bleach to maintain water and control moss buildup. During hot spells additional water may need to be added due to moisture loss from evaporation. Another benefit is that there are no open water concerns or drowning hazards, mosquitos are also not a concern.

I want to do my own landscaping, but I need to have my existing removed. Do you offer removal only?

  • Yes, we can remove and dispose of all existing landscape with minimal disturbance so you can start out with a fresh canvas and save a little money in doing so!

How long have you been in business?

  • Since 2002.

What towns do you serve?
We are alandscaping company in Western New York and serve across Niagara County, NY. This includes:

  • City and Town of Lockport
  • City of Niagara Falls
  • Town of Cambria
  • Town of Hartland
  • Town of Lewiston
  • Town of Newfane
  • Town of Niagara
  • Town of Pendleton
  • Town of Porter
  • Town of Royalton
  • Town of Somerset
  • Town of Wheatfield
  • Town of Wilson
  • Village of Barker
  • Village of Lewiston
  • Village of Middleport
  • Village of Wilson
  • Village of Youngstown

Are you fully insured?

  • Yes. We are fully insured with workers comp, proof of insurance will be provided upon request.

Do you offer lawn rolling?

  • No.

Do you offer lawn mowing?

  • Yes, however it is only offered for customers that are full service with our company. This means from spring cleanup through snowplowing season, start to finish.



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